Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to bring the achievements of the world’s leading minds and technologies in the modern medicine for the benefit of our patients to do it professionally, with responsibility, compassion and respect towards the patients and their close ones/ families.


Our mission, corporate values and philosophy

Corporate values and Philosophy

Best Patients’ interest is the core and leading principle of our work.

Respect for the individual - the patient, his family and colleagues with whom we work, is the basis of our value system. The Professional Ethos of St. Marina hospital- Pleven reflect our respect for the profession and the focus of our work - to provide health services with attention not only to the clinical outcome of the treatment, but also to emotional and psychological comfort of our  patients.

 Sir William Osler, one of the founders of the modern medical science, said – “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease”.