Process of treatment and prices

Step 1


The consultation and examination by the doctors at the “Saint Marina” HIFU-Center (the team includes a Professor of Oncology), certified to work with the HIFU therapeutic system JC and CZF Ultrasound therapeutic device are  to establish whether the patient/tumor is appropriate for  the HIFU treatment.

* The patient has to present the current CT scans or CD/plaques from MRI examination and all available medical documentation, relevant to his/her case.

** In cases where the patient is referenced by a physician, familiar with the HIFU-criteria, who has assessed the patient as appropriate for this therapy, step 1 could be skipped and the planning– step 2, could be scheduled.

Step 2


When it is confirmed that the patient has the indications which make the HIFU-therapy the optimal choice of treatment, a planning of the procedure is performed. This is a “simulation” of the HIFU procedure and includes examination with the ultrasound, diagnostic system and software of the JC system.

N.B. It is obligatory that the patient’s CT scans/ MRI examination results be presented at this stage.

*Exclusively for the patients of the “Saint Marina” HIFU-Center  , a partnering hospital provides express MRI examination in the morning of the day of the planning.

You can receive more information on our lines: (+359) 064 90 20 33 and 064 90 20 44.

Step 3


breast fibroadenoma,
uterine fibroids,
malignant tumors, metastases andpalliative treatment

When the planning confirms that the patient is appropriate for the HIFU therapy, the day for the treatment is scheduled. A preliminary consultation with the anesthesiologist and internist, as well as an ECG examinationis included in the overall treatment price.

Step 4

Follow-up Examinations

Depending on the indications, the patient could leave the HIFU-Center a few hours after the therapy or - the next day.

The patient is advised to continue with follow-up examinations with the HIFU-specialists. The follow-ups are carried out in 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 months after the HIFU procedure.