About Us

  • A state-of-the-art 128-slice CT scanner (Siemens), the only advanced scanner of this type in the country, reduces up to 60% of the radiation dose to the patient. The specialized software for oncology examinations provides accurate visualization of the smallest details to aid the detection of malignancy throughout the body; 

  • A high-class digital X-ray system (Siemens) allows for maximum reduction of ionizing radiation administered to the patient and excellent quality of  images;
  • Revolutionary ultrasound systems – a breakthrough in ultrasound imaging by European leader Esaote, they are the only systems of their kind in Bulgaria. Allowing for visualization of structures and organs inaccessible to conventional ultrasound diagnostics, the so-called MyLabSeven ultrasound units are applicable for detection of liver, breast, prostate and thyroid gland pathological formations. They include operational modules for the perofrmance of elastosonography and contrast enhanced ultrasound thus enabling the visualization of the smallest and deepest lesions, which can reveal a benign or malignant tumor
  • PACS (Esaote) archiving and communication system enables any images or video from the Radiology Information System to be stored in the patient’s electronic medical record and to be accessible to the medical specialists from PC, mobile phone or tablet.